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Model Time Space and Drums
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Do You Want to Improve Your Jazz Drumming?

… or maybe you're just starting and want to make sure you get things right from the start?

If that sounds like you then The Time Space and Drums Series is here to help you achieve your drumming goals and more.

After working for some of the biggest names in British show business for over 35 years, along with some of the best musical directors in the business, it became clear that everything you will ever play as a drummer will be built on the most basic exercises. Without mastery of which, all of the complex rhythms’ you play on top of those basics will be pretty much useless.

If there was one piece of advice, I could give to a drummer just starting out it would be this: Master the basics before moving on and then keep returning to those basics to improve them over many years. It is for that reason that I created:

The Time Space and Drums Series

A collection of drumming lessons available through 12 parts that are designed to take the complete beginner through a process that builds the drummers' level of skill over time. The exercises are designed to take the drummer to the most advanced level possible, within the shortest time.

Through this complete drumming series, you will learn:

  • How to read and understand drumming music as you go. 
  • How to build coordination step-by-step from the ground up, 
  • How to learn to play the drums and develop your skills in the simplest way possible, 
  • How to play clean, tight and crisp as you master each level,How to become a well-rounded, coordinated and balanced drummer, 
And it all starts with building:

A SMOOTH, FLOWING Jazz Drumming Foundation!

The Time Space and Drums Jazz Drumming Foundation is comprised of Six Jazz Drumming Lessons that are carefully designed, with the beginner in mind. But that doesn’t mean that the intermediate player cannot benefit and improve further through mastering the exercises included in this jazz drumming foundation.

The purpose of this set of jazz drumming lessons is to help every beginner and intermediate drummer develop the art and science of jazz drumming through an easy process, that prepares and then takes them to the next level, one step at a time.

No matter what your level of proficiency is, this simple yet comprehensive jazz drumming guide will take you one step closer to becoming the drummer you want to be. Beginners can reach the intermediate level while the intermediate drummer can Master the Science of Drumming and Enhance Their Current Skills through a more focused and disciplined approach.

The Time Space and Drums Part Two Jazz Drumming Book is a well-detailed guide not only about playing the drums but also covers basic triplet notation and theory.

This beginner drum book gives the guidance required to help drummers just starting out to get through this initial jazz drumming journey. Along with Book One in this series, the student drummer will emerge with the require, fully integrated drumming foundation that is usually divided into rock and jazz. In short, it will help you build a strong, complete, and well-rounded jazz drumming foundation with basic music reading skills to help prepare you to begin building on the foundation.

The six lessons in this drumming for beginners’ book are the foundation for every drummer as these vital skills form the base of all advanced jazz drumming rhythms. This second book builds a complete jazz drumming foundation for every beginner student to develop their skills and to help them reach the expert level later on.

Free Audio Demonstrations Included

The owners of this Jazz Drumming Foundation Book can also access the Audio Demonstrations of every exercise by following the link inside the book.

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